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Lieutenant Rianna DiMarco

Name Rianna Melisande DiMarco

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28
Quarter Assignment D Deck: Section 3, Room 431

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Sable
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Ri's hair is long and dark, falling roughly to the center of her back if she ever let it down and didn't confine it to a pony tail or doubled that up into a sloppy bun with spare wiring or whatever else happened to be handy. Her eyes are nearly the same shade of black as her hair: a deep sloe chestnut.

The woman is toned and sleek, graced with a good share of generous curves that are rarely displayed as her off duty choice of clothing tends towards comfort more than fashion. Drawstring pants and a long jersey are pretty much a given off duty. She plays and sleeps in the same general attire: the only clue to which she would be doing if disturbed would be if the little silver cross she wears (the only jewelry ever seen on the woman) is on or not. When forced to dress up she clean up rather nicely, but in general complains loudly about it.

Her skin tone is a dusty gold. Bone structure is artistically planed and graceful, managing to be somewhat sturdy (which is good as often as she tends to get into snags, brawls, falls and other assorted incidents). There's a tiny scar at the right corner of Ri's lower lip, giving her what appears like a slight smirk most of the time. In truth it suits her, as most likely she is truly smirking. But it's only one of quite a few scars that run along her person.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Nicholai Bendetti DiMarco
Mother Ana Maria Cucina Lourdes
Brother(s) Salvadore Lazzaro DiMarco (deceased)
Sister(s) Javonne 'Vonne' Mirables Gervaise (14)
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Normally Rianna is a truly laid back soul. She'll work her fingers to the bone come time to be on shift, but once that whistle sounds she's all about the slow, sweet swing of kicking back. As gritty and violent as her past was she sees working on the ship almost as an escape. There’s security that if you work hard you get your just rewards. No sudden pitfalls of joblessness while sitting on an empty husk of a world or jockeying for day labor with a hundred other people desperate for the same job. She's fought hard to stand where she is now and refuses to back down from that position in her own quiet, tenacious style. She's scraped, begged, borrowed and stolen to survive, so for her ship life is something of a cakewalk and she's determined to keep it that way.

Ri is an old fashioned grease monkey. Aside from striking up rather entertaining monologues with herself while poking and prodding her way through a ship's belly, she has a sharp ear for identifying troubles by sound. Her personal space is crowded, complex and organized in some backwards filing system known only to her.

She believes very much in the strength of one's spirit pushing them to do things beyond their normal capability. Ri doesn't follow the ideas of manifest destiny or organized religion in any way. She'd rather talk to her ship than pray any day. The cross that she wears was a gift from one of her previous captains- a symbol of her faith in him and a friendship lost rather than faith to a deity.

Ri still has her share of nightmares and her bad days, but most of the time she buries herself so far into her work that she can't tell the difference until someone grabs her by the foot and drags her out into a social situation. That often means a screaming match is in short order, but she's easy to bribe with food or entertainment and all too eager to chat someone's ear off if given half the chance.

During her time in Starfleet she’s proven to be loyal to the point of stubbornness and a propensity to adopt people and places after an often rocky adjustment period.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
*Jerry-rig queen. She's got a habit of using tools oddly to begin with, but she gets a little extreme when it comes to ship work. You never quite know what she'll use in a repair except for the fact that it won't be standard.
*Work ethic in spades. Ri is very dedicated to her work. It's her art. Her crew in the Pit (engineering) become her family via extension.
*Very high spirited and loyal
*Fairly tough physically, but has enough will to push even that a little farther if need be.

*It can be pretty hard to get Ri's temper going. She can take a lot of abuse before she cracks, but when she does- whoa boy! There isn't much warning and there'd better be back up because someone's going to have to peel her fingers off of the object of her agression's neck.
*Has no aversion to fighting dirty. Almost all of the fighting skills that she falls back to aren't the polite martial arts taught at the Academy, they're the scrapping/anything goes style that she grew up with.
*Constantly has to read up on the newest tech and the pretty new shinies sent by Starfleet. She relies heavily on specialists to supplement what she doesn't know.
*Is not terribly trusting of people- especially when it comes to those that take interest in her sister. She is the paranoid older sibling that greets boys at the door with threatening grins and suggested violence.
*Tends to be superstitious.

Ambitions To always have a place to live, food to eat, relative safety and clothes on her and her sister's back. As long as those goals are accomplished, she's happy.
Hobbies & Interests Poker, pool, dancing, stashing junk food (chewier the better), sun bathing when possible, swimming, classic old Earth automobiles and racing paraphernalia, arguing (for fun), avoiding her sister's attempts at beautification, rebuilding old cars

Personal History Growing up on a mining asteroid was a lot like growing up in downtown Hell. If the heat didn’t drive you mad, then the smell and the grit that crawls into every crack and crevice eventually would. Rianna DiMarco grew up on the wrong side of town on an AveaCorp grant, sharing a tiny apartment that doubled as a flop house with her parents, her younger brother and whatever company her parents kept until the age of ten. The death of her younger brother and its murky happenstance had Ri plucked up and dropped into a corporate ran care facility where she was educated just enough to be grist for the mill (AKA future workforce).

As soon as she was legally able, Ri took up a work visa and plodded off on her own with a mound of personal debt racked up for her care as a child and a desperate need to work her way off world. She took a slew of odd jobs, determined to work her own way out of her roots and not have to go panhandling to a family that she never wanted to see again. As soon as she had enough credibility behind her name to sanction an application, DiMarco sent an application in to Starfleet Academy and upon approval took the first transport available without even a second thought for what was left behind.

Rianna's pre-Academy education was spotty at best in her childhood, so much of her further education relied solely on a hard head and a healthy dose of practicality. Much of what she considered to be her true training came from on the job application and apprenticeship, life experience and a few good guesses. DiMarco dove into Academy life and took it for all it was worth, staggering extra classes and credits with gusto to fill in gaps that she knew would cost her with enough padding to skid by. Starfleet was her big ticket to a lifetime of security, and there was no way she was going to let it get wasted.

Ri didn't so much have the standard majors as a jury-rigged baker's dozen of oddball pieces that made a strange puzzle. By no means was she a professional at any of her side courses, but knew enough to comment and make some educated guesses. Piece mailing back together messes was by far her rightful profession, pulling just shy of being topped off by metal working and old fashioned fix-its. For certain it didn’t earn her gleaming stars on her personal records or first picks from the new up and coming captains of tomorrow, but it did earn her a few letters of commendation stuck in her permanent file and a good head start on her future.

On her first ship- the USS Hawking- Ri had a bit of a rough ride. The CEO was a 'purist' when it came to his engineering department and he had no bones about letting her know that he didn't like her style. It was sloppy and backwards and half-a-century old. She wasn't sophisticated enough to be a part of his inner circle, so she was assigned the worst job tickets of the day and sent on all the oddball away missions. This won her no friends in engineering, but everyone else on ship knew who she was. She started being asked for by name- which bumped her up from being despised to ire worthy. As soon as it was applicable, the CEO made sure that her name was on a transfer ballot off of his ship.

Next came the USS Ursae, which for all intensive purposes was a rusting hull barely held together by slap dash fixes of the CEO. The man was right in the middle of redesigning a large section of the waste disposal system. Needless to say- Ri wasn't thrilled when on arrival the job was handed off to her. Much of her time aboard the Ursae was spent refixing the man's fixes and repatching old patches. Shands- the CEO- became something of an uncle figure to her until he rather suddenly passed away while on an away mission. Ri inhereted not only his job, but a good bit of his assorted junk (I.E. memorabilia) as he had no family to speak of other than his friends.

The USS Katana came next. A svelt, sharp little Akira Class with a top notch crew and shiny new everything.. Ri spent more time reading manuals and reminding everyone not to get grease on the carpet than she did actually having to fix anything. Sure there were adjustments that needed to be made, but there were specialists for all of those systems, so she spent a good chunk of her time playing babysitter for this big bunch of brainy types with manicured fingernails and not a hair out of place. Ri was almost to the point of routine there when she received a communique from a lawyer that she needed to arrange a pick up for her younger sister- a sister that she had no knowledge of having.

Apparently her mother had remarried three more times, somehow struck it rich and had fathered another child. When he and his wife disappeared, this traumatized teenager had by default become her problem. As much as she wanted to shrug it off and just find a boarding facility to send the girl to, she couldn't quite bring herself to do it. And since she couldn't bring the girl aboard the Katana, she took a small hiatus from Fleet Life to settle her father's business and to pick up her younger sister to start a new life.

Ri and Vonne were as different as night and day. Vonne was privileged, elite, fashionable, classically trained. Ri simply wasn't. They had a great many arguments, tears and throwing things before they finally started getting along. The best arrangement that they could work out was to enroll Vonne in a rather expensive and elite school on Earth where she could rise to her full potential and Ri would go work off that debt in the Fleet.

She had just began putting out queries for being available once again when an old friend of Shands reached out to Rianna. She'd met the woman several times while on the Ursae, even had drinks with her after the old man's funeral. She told her quite frankly that she wished that she could have had Shands on her newest venture, but would be honored to give his apprentice a shot- which is how she ended up on board the Farragut.

Ri has shunned any contact with her parents since she was separated from them. All clues point to it having an involvement with the accidental death of her younger brother. Legal records state that the 4 year old died from a mix of malnutrition internal hemorrhaging possibly resulting from blunt trauma to the torso. She shies away from speaking about the issue to this day of it or her childhood except for the minimum needed to squeeze by psychological profiling.

No formal charges were listed as being brought up against the Lourdes/DiMarco family. The case was ruled as an accidental death despite her testimony otherwise. Case management has been officially reopened due to the temporary custody of Javonne Gervaise in Rianna DiMarco’s care while a missing persons search is on going for Ana Maria Cucina Lourdes and Darum Gervaise.

Twice Rianna has been in trouble for brawling, both luckily in defense of another. And once she had been ~talked~ to for singing in a tube that fed into a conference room where an important meeting was taking place.
Service Record 2260 – 2264, Starfleet Academy
2365 - 2369, USS Hawking, engineer
2370 - 2274, USS Ursae, aCEO/ acting CEO
2275 – 2277, USS Katana, CEO
2277, Personal Hiatus
2278, USS Farragut, CEO

Sim Awards [OOC]

Commanding Officer's Merit Award May 2015
Executive Officer's Merit Award April 2015
Friendship Award April 2015
Farragut Post of the Month May 2015 April 2015 November 2015
Pegasus Fleet Post of the Month May 2015 April 2015 November 2015

Achievements [OOC]