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Ensign Honey Flanagan

Name Honey Flanagan

Position Biologist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Half Human/Half Alien
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 172cm
Weight 85
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Golden
Physical Description Honey is a striking individual. Gray skin, with a slight shimmer of moistness to it. Her lips are black, matching her raven locks, usually tied in dreadlocks or braids. Her forehead is adorned with a number of small, sharp horns, the same blood-red color as the markings below her eyes. This reptilian halfbreed has webbed hands and feet, functional gills in the back of her neck. She carries herself with a certain animalistic, reptilian grace.

She stands a modest 5'8" tall, but weighs an impressive 189 lbs. Much of that can be attributed to a thick, solid tail of a black color with red scales, the rest can be found in the fact that her general biology seems a little bit more dense than human standard. Unlike standard humans, Honey actually weighs more than her own volume in water.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father n/a
Mother Madeline Flanagan
Sister(s) Prudence, Honor, Hope, Chastity, Joy, Grace, Harmony, Melody, Heaven, Angel, Summer, Autumn, April, June. (All deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Honey is a clever, oddball person. She loves cultivating the oddball part of her personality. She's a bit of a prankster, enjoying the lighter, less serious side of life. She's the queen of non-sequitur responses, and believes that not only chairs are for sitting on.

However, she's good at her job and takes it very seriously. Being an experiment in xenobiology to begin with, she sees her job as as xenobiologist as the natural progression of her own existence. Despite her oddball nature, she can be serious when needed, and is generally a kind a loving personality.
Strengths & Weaknesses Honey is quite intelligent, but lacking in wisdom. And common sense. And tact. Her mind is quick and nimble, but also prone to getting sidetracked and / or distracted. Occasional flashes of inspiration and brilliance do occur, but can't always be counted on. Her stubbornness can also be counted as both a strength and a weakness.
Ambitions To find out more about her heritage. To find the race that sent out the original probe that gave rise to the experiment that resulted in her.
Hobbies & Interests Due to her webbed hands and feet, powerful tail and functional gills, Honey is a very powerful swimmer. She enjoys physical competition of almost any kind.

Honey has a pet Voltaran Multipaw, a small-ish eight-legged creature that looks like a cross between a caterpillar and a cat. Mutlipaws are notoriously dumb, but highly cuddleable.

Finally, she is a good singer with a clear and pleasant voice.

Personal History In 2251 a lightly damaged, inactive probe of unknown origin was found adrift in the neutral zone near federation space. Picked up by the science vessel USS Bohr, the probe was determined to contain incomplete alien DNA along with instructions how to combine it with mammalian DNA to produce a viable half breed.

In 2255, after several years of intensive study of this alien DNA at the Flanagan institute for genetic research, it was decided to go ahead with the procedure. This decision was made in secret, knowing that the scientific community would frown upon it.

Donor DNA was found in the form of unfertilized eggs from researcher Dr Madeline Flanagan, granddaughter of the Flanagan Institute's founder, Gregory Flanagan. 15 of her eggs were extracted and fertilized using the alien DNA. The decision was made to make all the fetuses female, in the belief that female children would be more docile.

Of the fifteen eggs, five never started developing. Six died before reaching a stage in development they could conceivably survive without the aid of an artificial womb. Two died before their first birthday, with one of the remaining two not reaching her fifth.

The one surviving halfbreed was subjected to every test imaginable, while particular care was taken to ensure she had a comfortable life, where she would want for nothing.

Eventually the scientists had learned everything they could from young Honey Flanagan, though many unknowns remained. A case was made that, all studies having concluded, she should be terminated, but this was quickly overruled.

This left the Flanagan institute with a problem. What to do with a bright, intelligent and strong-willed young woman? The decision was reached to ask her what she wanted, and young Honey decided she wanted to become a scientist, like those she had come to view as her family.

A private education was arranged for the young woman, one she concluded in good time and with admirable grades. And then came the moment for the next stage in her life to begin. The USS Farragut was chosen as her first deployment.

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