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Captain's Log - Stardate 2278.54 2100hrs.

Posted on Mon Dec 14th, 2015 @ 11:54am by Captain Aidan Rackham

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[Log Begins]

With the Farragut's crew now returned to their normal states and the questions on Bellatrix IV answered, we have laid in a course for a planet which Lady Sare has told us about. I suppose we should stop calling her that now but given that her surname was apparently taken from her as a child, it's hard to know what she should be referred to as. Sare will do for now while the poor girl tries to root out an identity for herself away from the prying eyes of the priesthood.

By taking Sare away we have left it to trust that the practice of selecting these girls to be sacrificed will end. If their people ever wish to join the Federation - as their first message suggested - then they'll have to come a fair way before they'll be considered. We have placed a relay buoy for the diplomatic envoys who will come in our wake and it is my hope that they'll have peaceably settled their differences by the time they roll round.

How did our first diplomatic contact go? From an objective point of view I'd have to say pretty terribly. Running headlong into a simmering conflict between church and state before taking away the head of both to live on our ship could probably be construed as a disaster but under the circumstances, we did what we had to do. After all, it's not like they're some backwards, pre-warp race, they just seem to have a predilection for infanticide.

As for the ship herself, I have now finished consuming both Commander Kennedy and Lieutenant Windsor's reports on what happened to the ship while it was inside the Delta Triangle and I'm no better off. According to them it came about due to some kind of radiation being carried on a signal wave of some kind which rendered the entire crew - some of whom are still being treated for injuries by Doctor Carver - incapacitated or at least extremely paranoid. There's no evidence or suggestion of who it was that reversed the ship's course or why. Another mystery - one which has been nagging at me.

Our course will take us back toward the exploratory border, skirting the edge of the Triangle in an effort to get some deeper scans from a safe distance. Sare tells us that the planet is used by many peoples in the region as a vacation spot. She calls it Prakkaayi but it doesn't go through our Universal Translator very well - it might need something more friendly to the human tongue.

Sare herself is currently in the care of Commander Kennedy who doesn't seem best pleased to be given the responsibility for a teenager but it is my hope that she will facilitate the girl finding a more permanent place among the crew. That's the hope; at least until she finds somewhere that she can settle.


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