Strange Entertainment

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Sare tells the crew of the Farragut find out about a paradise world called Pacifica which, given the still fragile state of the crew, sounds like an ideal place for them to take a short break.

Unfortunately they discover that something is making the indigenous animal population attack at random, meaning that Pacificans are afraid to leave their homes. Suddenly it doesn't seem like such a pleasant vacation spot.

Mission Focus: Science, Search & Destroy

Part of Season 1

Trade Secrets

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The people of Pacifica have bought all of their warp capable ships from a group they call the Space Traders. With a bartered Star Chart, the Farragut sets off in the hope of meeting these mysterious people.

Mission Focus: Diplomacy

Part of Season 1

The Night Cries

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The crew of the Farragut gather on Cestus III in preparation for their first mission but their good spirits are shattered when news of a murder reaches them.

Part of Season 1

The Belle of Bellatrix

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In 2278 the Delta Triangle has been mentioned in logs from the first few deep space missions to scratch the surface of Galactic South and rumours about its effects on ships within it are legendary.

The Farragut plans to make one of its border planets their first stop and finds themselves greeted by a group of religious fanatics who worship a teenage goddess who they believe can control the effects of the triangle and allow safe passage to ships through it.

But all is not what it seems...

Part of Season 1