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Once Upon a Time

Posted on Sun Jul 10th, 2016 @ 9:33pm by Chief Petty Officer Frederick Nau

Mission: Strange Entertainment
Location: Ship's Engineering Section
Timeline: Post Sim Closure...

Nau sighed. All alone. The crew gone. Ship's food store dwindling. He had gone through the ship's library a doze times by now; knew the answers before they were given... Oh well. " Should I go ahead and do it?" He asked himself. Maybe later. For right now, all that mattered was getting this ship operating once again.

Nau looked over a book, its covers and pages worn down from constant reading. " How to Operate an Federation Star Ship,' by *Yew Khan Dooet.* " Let's see.." Nau looked at one page then turned to another and began to read it out loud.. ' Let's start with 'Engineering,' make sure that all conduits and framastats and do-hickies are aligned.' Nau looked at the book and then back at some of the Engineering boards. " Piece of cake." Nau stated out loud.

Nau took a deep breath, then switched on the inter-steller communications in hope of contacting a ship or anything/one.

" This is Chief Petty Officer Frederick Nau of the *abandoned* USS Farragut, currently drifting in space. The crew are gone. I'm here alone. Requesting assistance. Over."

TBC ???


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