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[OOC] Strange Entertainment

Posted on Fri Jul 8th, 2016 @ 9:34pm by Chief Petty Officer Frederick Nau & Captain Aidan Rackham & Commander Ashley Kennedy & Commander William Carver M.D. & Lieutenant Lhravitelim th'Endirhc & Lieutenant Rianna DiMarco & Lieutenant David Windsor & Ensign Daisy Skie-Cloud & Ensign Honey Flanagan & Ensign Abigaël Sorensen

Mission: Strange Entertainment
Location: [OOC]
Timeline: [OOC]


Here's the outline as I currently have it:

Sare tells the crew of the Farragut find out about a paradise world called Pacifica which, given the still fragile state of the crew, sounds like an ideal place for the crew to take a short break.

Unfortunately they discover that something is making the indigenous animal population attack at random, meaning that Pacificans are afraid to leave their homes. Suddenly it doesn't seem like such a pleasant vacation spot.

Everybody beams down to the planet to enjoy shoreleave but Carver volunteers to assist in the care and treatment of those affected by a spate of random animal attacks. The Pacificans ask for the Farragut’s help in tracking the cause of the animal attacks and the crew must take to the jungle in order to find it.

They find a small station which leads to a deep underground cavern where some kind of device is causing the animal population to go feral, leading many people to avoid the planet instead of seeing it as a thriving holiday destination and means that the Pacificans are afraid to leave their homes.


Rough Outline:

Section 1: Shoreleave

1) Leaving the Farragut
2) Relaxing and enjoying down time

Section 2: Animal Attacks

1) Carver volunteers to help treat victims
2) An away team is formed to go into the jungle (Engineers, Security, Science)
3) Science team investigates an animal carcass
4) A shuttle is to be converted to go underwater
5) Away team discover base
6) They enter base and descend into caverns where they find ‘the machine’
7) They try to deactivate it but a failsafe triggers which builds its power
8) Other things occur #spoilers


For this OOC please use [Your Name] before you put your message so we can tell who is who. :)

Rackham: So the idea is that we'll have a bit of a relaxing shore leave to begin with and then things will begin to 'kick off'. Anyone got any thoughts as a starter for ten?

Telim: Since Pacifica is meant to be a largely ocean planet covered in small islands (the Pacificans are amphibious), perhaps we could have the base with the device in be in an underwater cavern? That could give us a fun opportunity to convert one of our shuttles into a submersible?

Rackham: Y'know, I totally hadn't looked to see what kind of planet it was (even though I had to move it for the sake of sim canon). That'll be fun though, yeah.

Nau: Well, it looks interesting ;)

Daisy: neat, willing to explore new things :)

Carver: Sounds interesting. I feel like there's a good opportunity for Carver to protest that he's a doctor, not a veterinarian.

Rackham: Dammit Alex, etc.
Rackham: Just adding our new Biologist, Ensign Honey Flanagan, please be sure to give her a warm welcome. :)

Ri: Hi Lert! ~tacklehug~

Honey: Waah~ *splut*

Daisy: welcome welcome *giggles*

Nau: Hya Honey!\o/

Hey all. I've posted our shore leave post. I'm going to give us a wee while to do some character stuff and give everyone a bit of a chance to unwind while Carver gets to work volunteering. So start up some JPs with each other, drink responsibly and try not to have too much fun because things are about to get really weird. :)

Nau: Looks like we're closing down :( to quote a different sf series: " I'll meet you all again beyond The Rim. "

4/26/16: I hope everyone that was associated with this SIM has a great Summer; hope you all have found homes in other S.T. Sims :) Take Care..

7/8/16: Hya folks; been hot as the blazes here the past few weeks - still SIM'ing on various sites: USS Archimedes, USS Asgard,
USS Victory -A, and USS Andromeda. Check them out if you're still out there sim'ing. You all take care and have a
** great ** Summer - or what's left of it ;)


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Comments (2)

By Chief Petty Officer Frederick Nau on Sun Dec 18th, 2016 @ 1:53am

Folks, it is my hope that the USS Farragut will sail again....can we not come together to make it happen?

By Chief Petty Officer Frederick Nau on Sun Dec 18th, 2016 @ 1:55am

Oh yeah, before I forget, everyone out there: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! :)