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Suspicions, Suspicions

Posted on Fri Nov 27th, 2015 @ 7:01am by Commander Ashley Kennedy & Lieutenant Rianna DiMarco

Mission: The Belle of Bellatrix
Location: Main Bridge


The bridge beeped and whirred and buzzed and chimed. All the sounds you'd expect to hear in the nerve centre of a starship.

So why did it feel ... off?

Commander Ashley Kennedy sat back in the captain's chair, gritting her teeth without even realising. Her aquiline eyes peered at each of the officers and crew around her, scrutinising everything about them; how they sat, how they walked, how their hands moved across their consoles. Every now and then, she thought she caught them looking her way.

Why is he doing that? she'd ask herself before doubting if she'd even seen them looking. No, of course they were looking. Were they envious of her position? Many of the crew were older than she was, but she was their superior officer. Jealousy.

Were they jealous enough to try something? Would they try cause her harm? Assault her, usurp her or worse? Maybe ...

The intercom panel on the center chair buzzed and the light flashed until the line was opened, which started with a hesitant intake of breath. "Commander Kennedy? DiMarco here, ma'am. You asked me to call in anything out of the norm. Well I''m callin' you.. I just sent Windsor to sickbay who's hallucinating and Wesley is having issues with his words swapping out. Wants to say ship, he says tomato. They both seem to think that the probe is sending back a frequency that might be messing with their heads."

The engineer's voice was strained, worried as she continued on. "I called over to my boys and they said there's a fuss down there, too, with some fights and someone declaring themselves king. I'm heading over once someone arrives to keep an eye on Wesley. He's still working at interpreting the code even if he can't relay what he finds quite right. He's really trying. I'm thinkin' Daisy might know of some filter that might help him some.."

Kennedy's eyes narrowed and she gritted her teeth. She could feel the adrenaline pumping through her veins as her pulse quickened. She was right. Somebody was undermining her. "Listen to me very carefully, DiMarco," she said, leaning close to the intercom on the chair. "I need you to tell me ... who declared themselves king?"

For a moment Ri didn't answer, and when she did, she sounded confused. "I'm not down there yet, ma'am. I'll get it all straightened out and orderly when I do, trust me."

"I appreciate your loyalty, DiMarco," Kennedy replied with an almost sinister edge to her voice. "I won't forget it."

"Oh.. kay.." Ri breathed, feeling like she was missing a greater ppart of the conversation again. "I'll get back to you with what I find, boss. I'm ready to head down there now. Don't worry about a thing."

The Commander sat back in the chair, a smug smirk crossing her face as she stretched her hands along the armrests. With DiMarco on the job, she knew she could rest a little easier and the usurper would be dealt with.

Commander Ashley Kennedy
First Officer & Weapons Officer

Lieutenant Rianna DiMarco
Chief Engineer
USS Farragut


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